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For most of us, we spend just as much time at the office as we do our home, if not more. If there were ever a place needing function, it would be the place where you conduct business. We put the fears of distraction and disruption to rest with our promise to work around your schedule. As a commercial contractor,we understand the importance of accommodating these needs first hand, and can improve the flow and function of your place of business creating an optimal work environment for productivity. 

Renovating a space with architectural charm? Together we can preserve and feature that. We also offer Design Services for your convenience to get the most out of your renovation.

Customer Review

"J. Brewer & Associates are so professional, quick and efficient, I call them for everything!!!! Workers are very professional and go out of their way to make sure our business is not disturbed while they are working. They have done 3 or 4 projects for us from replacing our upper porches and replacing rotting wood, to fixing the "pitch" of a porch, to a window sash where the glass had slid down, to repairing some siding damaged from a recent storm. I have also used them on many projects at my personal residence! Great company!" - Valerie

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