Consultation Services

Sometimes you just need some no strings attached advice. Our consultation services are here to empower you with knowledge and equip you with options to help you make some decisions. You might consider this service if you…

  • are a homeowner trying to decide whether to stay and remodel your current home, or to sell and buy a new home.
  • are a commercial client looking for a cost basis for improvements on a potential property.
  • are a client purchasing or considering purchasing a home, and wanting an idea of cost for remodeling.
  • are a client planning for the future and wanting an idea of cost to accommodate your needs. 
  • are a client considering purchasing a home and wanting more information on repairs recommended by a home inspector. 

This service covers and is not limited to the situations above. This service ranges from a rough to detailed cost analysis, which ever the customer and Project Manager agree is most productive. 

We, of course, would love to serve you by walking you through the remodeling process ourselves, but this consultation service does not commit you to using our remodeling services exclusively. Most Consultation Services will have a minimum of a $100 consultation fee. 

Our Promise to You

We promise to collaborate with you on a plan to achieve the best outcome. 

We communicate with you honestly and transparently about the process, expectations, and details of your project. 

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