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Custom Home Additions

When you’ve outgrown your space and you start evaluating your options, a lot of us come down to the same point. We don’t want to leave the house we’ve turned into a home and endure the hassel that comes with it. You shouldn’t have to enter an ever-changing real estate market to get what you want. Remodeling is saying, “I am going to invest where I am and make what I already have stronger and better.”

Most of our customers are renovating their homes so they can stay and grow. Through consultation and design, we have the resources to help you do that. 

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Customer Review

"Jon took us from conception to completion, meeting a good timeline despite the weather, which even included snow! He covered all the details thoroughly, responded quickly to our change order requests, explained procedures and codes where we were confused, and left us happy with the results. " - Jeanette

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